A modern networking community in Sweden, organizing social events.

Who? When?


It all started 21st Jan 2018, by an initiative for a Greek Meetup by Aris Giannakos, an immigrant from Greece who moved to Sweden in 2014 to reunite with his brother. It was not only his family that would reunite, as it seems 🙂


Motivation for a new beginning, a real story:


Aris, as an educated life & career coach, offered non-profit services to many Greek speaking newcomers in Sweden, until the time came to face the problem of a Cypriot artist coming from Canada, who wanted to connect with the Greek community. We searched together, until we sadly found out how spread out and split the community was. Desperately, he returned to Cyprus, where he had the feeling of connection which he needed.


Root of the problem… Solution?


The lack of unity amongst Greek speakers and Greece enthusiasts is caused by false conservative ideas and by political/religious groups playing a game of power. A new way was required to connect the people and that had to be open-minded, modern and festive as the TRUE GREEK SPIRIT.


What do we do?


We organize:


  • Monthly Swedish-Greek “Språkcafe” meetups at a cafe that can offer joined tables for socializing amongst over 40 persons.


  • Monthly clubbing parties for a Greek nightlife experience without many tables, for maximum socializing and dancing, suitable for all nations who either speak Greek or enjoy our company <3 🙂


On the 30th April 2019, we delivered PARTY LIKE A GREEK, the biggest Greek style party of Sweden with over 500 pleased attendants.




We are planning events for connection, either coffee chill meetups or crazy greek party nights… Stay tuned & updated! 😉




Email: info@greekmeetup.se

Mobile: 0761956156

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